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12 Week Shredder Plan

In this plan I will break down a typical competition style prep to help get you on stage or ready for the beach. Whatever the reason this plan will assist you get the body you want in very little time at all.

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Guide to Keto

Daniel Ventura shares his knowledge on the ketogenic diet. Giving you example food plans with calories calculated, tips on how to avoid keto flu and how to gain muscle through this diet. As well as the best ingredients to use and how to optimise hormones with food and supplements.

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10-40 Protocol

Welcome to my own plyometic workout routine designed for the executive type on the road or on holiday to exercise extremely efficiantly without the need for equiptment.

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Online Personal Training

One to one personal training done remotely 


Bespoke Food Plan

Designed specifically for you with your taste & goals


Fitness Modelling

Various options & packages available


Bespoke Training Plan

Including weekly online training sessions

3 Month Transformation Plan

Let me be your personal coach guiding you with a fully comprehensive food and training plan as well as weekly online training sessions to ensure good form ! Enquire for more information.

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